Recruitment: The 5 Tools You Need

Getting the most qualified candidates has proven challenging to most HR professionals in the competitive business world. As technology advances, recruiters must maintain a competitive edge by ensuring they come to grips with today’s hiring tools. Establishing a sound tech-enabled hiring process is crucial for a reliable recruitment process.

Luckily, various recruiting tools available today can make your HR department incomparable. While hiring agencies are considered time-effective, they also lead to a thorough candidate screening. Read on to understand essential tools for recruiters. But first, let’s look at why hiring tools are fundamental for any organization;

  • They lead to a faster and better quality hire
  • They Promote productivity
  • Improves employers branding

Pre-selection HR Tools

Pre-selection tools increase hiring metrics such as time to recruit and quality of recruitment. These tools come in a wide variety. Their goal is to predict the likelihood of a candidate qualifying for a job. As such, hiring managers use the data to make hiring decisions.

 Talent Management System

There is no talent management without a talent management system. Managing talent goes beyond recruitment and candidate experience. It spans from finding qualified candidates to onboarding, motivating, and retaining employees. The system integrates the full scope of talent management. It helps companies achieve their goals by focusing on every aspect of an employee.

Therefore, a single platform can streamline recruitment processes with the right talent management system. As a result, it makes recruiters’ lives easier and boosts the overall company performance by establishing a top-talent workforce.

 Screening HR Tools

The technology revolution has had a significant impact on hiring procedures. Hiring managers are using social networking platforms to get and screen job candidates. Screening tools help gather all the information you need about a potential candidate to make a good hire.  When screening potential candidates, these tools focus on:

  • Relevant skills for the position they applied for
  • Good culture fit and their personality traits

Video Communication

Most companies have embraced technology to revolutionize their interviewing process in recent years. A survey revealed that 63% of job recruiters use virtual interviews in their hiring procedures. Video communication allows you to interview candidates from almost anywhere in the world. Unlike before, where in-person interviews were time-consuming and limited the number of applicants a company could consider, video conferencing allows HR professionals to conduct interviews with significantly fewer efforts.

Onboarding HR Tools

The onboarding software goal is to offer an engaging experience for new employees. It helps them connect with their new company and coworkers when their job application is successful. Also, onboarding systems automate recruitment processes, making HR administrative tasks that would otherwise consume time stress-free.


From brand promotion to setting up accurate job descriptions and keeping close communication with job applicants, it’s no surprise that the hiring process can take time and be hectic as well. However, like everything else, recruitment procedures evolve as time goes by. While a business is only as effective as its staff, business owners should invest in proper recruitment tools to hire the best candidates. Also, adherence to appropriate hiring tools guarantees the continuation of the organization’s success.

However, when choosing the right recruitment tools, your HR team should discuss and select the one that best suits their hiring needs.