Think of it like an annual physical – just to make sure your company's HR is healthy, and to catch anything that may be, unknown to you, off track.

The following are a few of the areas reviewed:

  • Employee Handbook
  • I-9 procedures and files
  • Employee documentation – such as counseling, offer letters, termination letters, etc.
  • Required Posters and notices
  • Exempt vs Non-exempt classifications (Hourly vs Salary)
  • Performance evaluations
  • Employee related forms
  • Benefits files and documents
  • Hiring practices (advertisements, procedures, application form)
  • Family Medical Leave Act procedures and files (if applicable)
  • Training Files
  • Safety files and documents

Sometimes when we recommend a change, you might feel more comfortable doing things the way you’ve always done them because there’s never been a problem before– we respect that, but if you change your mind or if something comes up, our help is a phone call away. We aren’t here to judge what you have in place or to criticize you in any way; we are here to educate and align your company with current regulations and laws that are applicable.

We prepare you to face whomever shows up at the door (DOL, ICE, and other government-alphabet-people). You have professional HR experts making sure you have every required poster, policy, safety requirement, and a staff of fairly compensated, fairly treated employees.