Outsource HR Services for Candidate Screening

When a business begins to grow, so do its responsibilities. These responsibilities are to both your customers and your employees. A human resources service is essential to this growth and the health of your business and will make the workplace more enjoyable and efficient. However, many companies find their HR services are better spent handling internal affairs, and when it is time to hire new candidates, an outsourcing service works best.

The business strategy of outsourcing new candidate screening moves these responsibilities to an external party. With a professional human resource consulting firm, such as Human Resources by TBC, LLC the administrative burden of managing employment compliance is removed from your internal employees and allows them to focus more on other business matters.

There are other benefits of outsourcing your new candidate screening process.

1. Assures Compliance With Federal and State Laws

Employment laws change often, and it may be challenging to stay current on all new legislation. In the year 2021 alone there were dozens of new compliance requirements for businesses to adhere to when hiring new employees. When you work with a human resource consulting firm, they will have stayed up-to-date on all the new rules and requirements in the hiring process, so you can be assured your business is always in compliance with the laws.

2. Recruitment and Staffing

A human resource department is typically responsible for all your employee management. These management responsibilities can become too large for smaller to mid-sized company’s HR departments, and you may not have the resources you need to run an effective and efficient HR service. Hiring an HR consulting firm to outsource your new candidate screening is one solution to this problem and will allow your company to prosper.

An HR consulting firm, such as Human Resources by TBC, can handle all the screening for new talent and staffing for your business. This outsourcing service will remove having your in-house HR department:

  • Advertise new positions that have opened
  • Collect and read resumes submitted for new positions
  • Schedule interviews for potential candidates
  • Screen the background of potential candidates
  • Recommend which candidate best fits the position

3. Background Checks and Employee Screening

An HR consulting firm will not only screen new talent for your company but will also perform background checks on new candidates. Employee screening is essential to the health of your business as you only want the best and most reliable talent hired to fill your positions.
Employee screenings include:

  • Physicals
  • Background checks
  • Drug screens
  • Some companies request pre-employment skills testing to ensure candidates are qualified and proficient to do the job
  • Other related screening to ensure the safety of your business’s interests

4. Access to a Complete Team of Human Resource Professionals

Hiring an HR consulting firm provides your business access to a complete team of human resource professionals. Whether you are hiring them just for screening services on new candidates, or you require HR services for other business matters, you will have a team of dedicated industry experts. These experts will walk you through any employee issues, or HR questions, and make sure your hiring process is done professionally and efficiently.
COVID-19 has created a lot of new employer compliance responsibilities. If your HR services are struggling, or you have not created an HR service in your company, you will want to consider the services of an HR consulting firm to outsource some of your responsibilities.

Learn More About HR Outsource Services

Human Resources by TBC has more than twenty years of experience in the industry. We are here to help your company as an outsource HR Consulting Firm and offer services for long-term affiliations, or just help with a current project. Contact us today and learn how we can help you screen new candidates for your business, help with training your current employees, perform an audit of your current HR services, or any other HR question you may have.

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